Design and CFD Analysis of Centrifugal Compressor for a Microgasturbine

AuthorsReza Aghaei tog and A. Mesgharpoor Tousi
JournalAircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology
Presented byAmirkabir University of Technology
Page number137-143
Serial number2
Volume number79
Paper TypeFull Paper
Published At79 02 March/April 2007
Journal GradeScientific - research
Journal TypeTypographic
Journal CountryUnited Kingdom
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A model with only one impeller channel was used to compare 1D design data, which were obtained from centrifugal compressor design code, written and developed by the authors. The often used model for CFD analysis of turbo machinery, known as “frozen‐rotor” model, only yields satisfying results for efficiency and pressure ratio, at and near the point of best efficiency. For this case, the static pressure shows a nearly uniform circumferential distribution at the inlet of the diffuser, which numerically leads to more homogeneous flow rates through the single vane channels, and thus to a more realistic time averaged flow distribution.

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tags: Turbines, Centrifugal force, Diffusion