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1Factors influencing the design of electronic learning system in agricultural extensionAhmadpour, A., M. Mirdamadi, J.F. Hosseini and M. Chizari,Am. J. Agric. Biol. Sc2010
2Challenges facing nomads with drought in Southern IranShokri, S.A., S.M. Hosseini, S.M. Mirdamadi and S.J.F. Hosseini,Ann. Biol. Res2012
3Role of ICTs in improving food accessibility of Iran's rural households.Lashgarara, F., S.M. Mirdamadi and S.J.F. HosseiniAnn. Biol. Res2012
4Factors affecting farmers' engagement to co-managementof watershed conservation programs in hamedan province, iranAbdolmaleky, M., M. Chizari, J.F. Hoseini and M. Homaee,World Applied Sci. J2011
5Investigation restriction and preventive components effectiveness of agricultural advisory services companies in IranAzar, S.R., M. Hosseini, S.J. Hosseini and S.M. MirdamadiMiddle East J. Sci. Res.2011
6Affective factors in commercialization of nanotechnology in Iran's agricultural sectorBorzouei, H., S.M. Mirdamadi and S.J.F. Hosseini,Ann. Biol. Res.2011
7Regression analysis of effective factor on people participation in protecting, revitalizing, developing and using renewable natural resources in Ilam Province from the view of usersArayesh, B. and J. HosseiniAm. J. Agric. Biol. Sc2010
8Functional analysis of farmers indigenous knowledge on water resources management in IranArfaee, M., A. Zand and S.J.F. HosseiniAdv. Environ. Biol.2010
9Factors influencing the development of entrepreneurial education in iran's applied-scientific educational centers for agriculture.Azizi, B., S.J. Hosseini, S.M. Hosseini and S.M. Mirdamadi,Am. J. Agric. Biol. Sc2010
10Challenges and necessary applying of MIS in agricultural education and extension in IranBadragheh, A., M. Chizari, S.J. Hosseini and K. DaneshfardAm. Eurasian J. Agric. Environ. Sci2010
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