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1Surface runoff similarity in catchment response: I. Stationary StormsSaghafian, B - Julien, P.Y - Ogden, F.LWater Resources Research1995
2Time to equilibrium for spatially variable watershedsSaghafian, B - Julien, P.YJournal of Hydrology1995
3Raster-based hydrologic modeling of spatially-varied surface runoffJulien, P.Y - Saghafian, B - Ogden, F.LWater Resources Bulletin1995
4Land-use impact on watershed response: Integration of two-dimensional hydrological modelling and GISDoe, W.W - Saghafian, B - Julien, P.YHydrological Processes1996
5Green and Ampt infiltration with redistributionOgden, F.L - Saghafian, BJ. of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, ASCE1997
6Distributed catchment simulation using a raster GISSaghafian, B - Van Lieshout, A.M - Rajaie, H.MInternational Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation2000
7Hydrograph simulation based on variable isochrone techniqueSaghafian, B - Julien, P.Y - Rajaie, HJournal of Hydrology2002
8Spatio-temporal Mapping of Smoke Fraction Index Generated by the Kuwaiti Oil Well FiresJalali, N - Saghafian, B - Taheri, H - Tajrishi, M - Aminipour, BAsian Journal of Geoinformatics2002
9Modeling of spatial variability of daily rainfall in southwest of IranSaghafian, B - Taheri, H - Tajrishi, M - Jalali, NScientia Iranica (International Journal of Science and Technology)2003
10Unit response approach for priority determination of flood source areasSaghafian, B - Khosroshahi, MJ. of Hydrologic Engineering, ASCE2005
11Nonlinear transformation of unit hydrographSaghafian, BJournal of Hydrology2006
12A corrected time-area technique for one-dimensional flowSaghafian, B - Shokoohi, A.RInternational Journal of Civil Engineering2006
13Assessment of flood forecasting lead time based on generalized likelihood uncertainty estimation approachHeidari, A - Saghafian, B - Maknoon, RStochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment2006
14Evaluation of spatial and temporal variability of snow cover in a large mountainous basin in IranGhanbarpour, M.R - Saghafian, B - Mohseni Saravi, M - Abbaspour, KNordic Hydrology2007
15Mapping snow characteristics based on snow observation probabilitySaghafian, B - Davtalab, RInternational Journal of Climatology2007
16Closure to validity of regional rainfall spatial distribution methods in mountainous areasSaghafian, B - Rahimi Bondarabadi, SJ. of Hydrologic Engineering, ASCE2008
17Validity of Regional Rainfall Spatial Distribution Methods in Mountainous AreasSaghafian, B - Rahimi, SJ. of Hydrologic Engineering, ASCE2008
18Flood intensification due to changes in land useSaghafian, B - Farazjo, H - Bozorgy, B - Yazdandoost, FWater Resources Management2008
19Recognition of shallow karst water resources and cave potentials using thermal infrared image and terrain characteristics in semi-arid regions of IranJalali, N - Saghafian, B - Imanov, F - Museyyibov, MInternational Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation2009
20Regional hydrologic mapping of flows in stream networksSaghafian, BInternational Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation2009
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