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1A corrected time-area technique for one-dimensional flowSaghafian, B - Shokoohi, A.RInternational Journal of Civil Engineering2006
2A coupled ModClark-curve number rainfall-runon-runoff modelSaghafian, B - Noroozpour, S - Kiani, M - Rafieei Nasab, AArabian Journal of Geosciences2016
3A Fuzzy Hybrid Clustering Method for Identifying Hydrologic Homogeneous RegionsDehghanian, N - Mousavi Nadoushani, S.S - Saghafian, BJ. of Hydroinformatics2018
4A new damage-probability approach for risk analysis of rain-fed agricultural systems under meteorological droughtMehdikhani, A.H - Saghafian, B - Arasteh, P.DKSCE Journal of Civil Engineering2017
5A new fuzzy modeling method for the runoff simulation in the Karoon basinTaheri Shahraiyni, H - Ghafouri, M - Bagheri, S - Saghafian, BInternational Journal of Water Resources and Arid Environments2011
6A newdaily weather generator to preserve extremes and low-frequency variabilityKhazaei, M.R - Ahmadi, S - Saghafian, B - Zahabiyoun, BClimatic Change2013
7A semi analytical solution for rising limb of hydrograph in 2D overland flowShokoohi, A - Saghafian, BInternational Journal of Civil Engineering2012
8An Integrated Approach for Site Selection of Snow Measurement StationsSaghafian, B - Davtalab, R - Rafieenasab, A - Ghanbarpour, M.RWater2016
9An ultimatum game theory based approach for basin scale water allocation conflict resolutionOftadeh, E - Shourian, M - Saghafian, BWater Resources Management2017
10Analytical Derivation of Overland Travel Time Based on Diffusive Wave SolutionZakeri Niri, M - Saghafian, B - Golian, SJ. of Hydrologic Engineering, ASCE2016
11Application of surrogate artificial intelligent models for real-time flood routingGhalkhani, H - Golian, S - Saghafian, B - Farokhnia, A - Shamseldin, AWater and Environment Journal2013
12Application of the WEPP model to determine sources of run‐off and sediment in a forested watershedSaghafian, B - Meghdadi, A.R - Sima, SHydrological Processes2015
13Application of unit response approach for spatial prioritization of runoff and sediment sourcesSaghafian, B - Sima, S - Sadeghi, S - Jeirani, FAgricultural Water Management2012
14Assessment of climate change impact on floods using weather generator and continuous rainfall‐runoff modelKhazaee, M.R - Zahabiyoun, B - Saghafian, BInternational Journal of Climatology2012
15Assessment of flood forecasting lead time based on generalized likelihood uncertainty estimation approachHeidari, A - Saghafian, B - Maknoon, RStochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment2006
16Assessment of GPM-IMERG and Other Precipitation Products against Gauge Data under Different Topographic and Climatic Conditions in Iran: Preliminary ResultsSharifi, E - Steinacker, R - Saghafian, BRemote Sensing2016
17Assessment of rain-gauge networks using a probabilistic GIS based approachShafiei, M - Ghahraman, B - Saghafian, B - Pande, S - Gharari, S - Davary, KHydrology Research2014
18Assessment of residential rainwater harvesting efficiency for meeting non-potable water demands in three climate conditionsRashidi, M.H - Saghafian, B - Haghighi, FResources, Conservation & Recycling2013
19Backcasting Long Term Climate Data: Evaluation of HypothesisSaghafian, B - Ghasemi Aghbalaghi, S - Nasseri, MTheoretical and Applied Climatology2018
20Best management practices (BMPs) site selection for reducing urban surface runoff at target locationsRashidi, M.H - Saghafian, B - Bazargan Lari, M.RDesalination and Water Treatment2017
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