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61Flood prediction in Southern Strip of Caspian Sea WatershedChavoshi, S - Sulaiman, W.N.A - Saghafian, B - Sulaiman, M.N.B - Manaf, L.AWater Resources2013
62Time of concentration of surface flow in complex hillslopesSabzevari, T - Saghafian, B - Talebi, A - Ardakanian, RJ. Hydrol. Hydromech2013
63Evaluation of novel fuzzy method and conceptual model in the long-term daily streamflow simulationTaheri Shahraiyni, H - Ghafouri, M - Saghafian, B - Bagheri, SJ. River System2013
64Impact Assessment of Periodical Variation Discharges on Water Quality of Anzali WetlandHosseinzadeh, Y - Saghafian, B - Bakhtiary, ASwitzerland Research Park Journal2013
65Multi-objective optimization for combined quality–quantity urban runoff controlOraei Zare, S - Saghafian, B - Shamsai, AHydrol. Earth Syst. Sci2012
66Multi-objective optimization using evolutionary algorithms for qualitative and quantitative control of urban runoffOraei Zare, S - Saghafian, B - Shamsai, A - Nazif, SHydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss2012
67Soft and Hard Clustering Methods for Delineation of Hydrological Homogeneous Regions in the Southern Strip of the Caspian Sea WatershedChavoshi, S - Sulaiman, W.N.A - Saghafian, B - Sulaiman, M.N.B - Latifah, A.MFlood Risk Management2012
68Assessment of climate change impact on floods using weather generator and continuous rainfall‐runoff modelKhazaee, M.R - Zahabiyoun, B - Saghafian, BInternational Journal of Climatology2012
69Application of unit response approach for spatial prioritization of runoff and sediment sourcesSaghafian, B - Sima, S - Sadeghi, S - Jeirani, FAgricultural Water Management2012
70Copula-based interpretation of continuous rainfall-runoff simulations of a watershed in northern IranGolian, S - Saghafian, B - Farokhnia, ACanadian Journal of Earth Sciences2012
71Comparison between Active Learning Method and Support Vector Machine for runoff modelingTaheri Shahraiyni, H. T - Ghafouri, M.R - Shouraki, S.B - Saghafian, B - Nasseri, MJ. Hydrol. Hydomech2012
72Derivation of Travel Time Based on Diffusive Wave Approximation for the Time-Area Hydrograph SimulationZakery, M - Saghafian, B - Golian, S - Moramarco, T - Shamsaee, AJ. of Hydrologic Engineering, ASCE2012
73Identification of homogenous regions in Gorganrood basin (Iran) for the purpose of regionalizationAbdolhay, A - Saghafian, B - Golian, S - Moramarco, T - Shamsaee, ANatural Hazards2012
74A semi analytical solution for rising limb of hydrograph in 2D overland flowShokoohi, A - Saghafian, BInternational Journal of Civil Engineering2012
75A new fuzzy modeling method for the runoff simulation in the Karoon basinTaheri Shahraiyni, H - Ghafouri, M - Bagheri, S - Saghafian, BInternational Journal of Water Resources and Arid Environments2011
76Probabilistic rainfall thresholds for flood forecasting: Evaluating different methodologies for modeling rainfall spatial correlationGolian, S - Saghafian, B - Maknoon, R - Elmi, MHydrological Processes2011
77Flood forecasting in arid and semi arid region using continuous hydrological modelingRahimi, M - Saghafian, B - Azadi, M - Sedghi, HWorld Applied Science Journal2010
78Comparison of classification and clustering methods in spatial rainfall pattern recognition at Northern IranGolian, S - Saghafian, B - Sheshangosht, S - Ghalkhani, HTheoretical and Applied Climatology2010
79Iso-flood severity mapping: a new tool for distributed flood source identificationSaghafian, B - Ghermezcheshmeh, B - Kheirkhah, M.MNatural Hazards2010
80Derivation of probabilistic thresholds of spatially distributed rainfall for flood forecastingGolian, S - Saghafian, B - Maknoon, RWater Resources Management2010
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