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1Cryptanalysis and improvement of two new RFID protocols based on R-RAPSESSS. Ghaemmaghami, A. Haghbin, M. MirmohseniJournal of Communications and Information NetworksSept. 2017
2Traceability improvements of a new RFID protocol based on EPC C1 G2S Sajjadi Ghaemmaghami, A Haghbin, M MirmohseniThe ISC International Journal of Information SecurityJuly 2016
3BER Performance Analysis of MIMO-OFDM Communication Systems Using Iterative Technique Over Indoor Power Line Channels in an Impulsive Noise EnvironmentMR. Ahadiat, P. Azmi, A. HaghbinInformation Systems & Telecommunication2016
4Impulsive noise estimation and suppression in OFDM systems over in‐home power line channelsM. R. Ahadiat, P. Azmi, A. HaghbinInternational Journal of Communication SystemsJuly 2014
5Route optimization and roaming capability based MIPv6 protocol in internet networkM. Izanlou, M. A. Pourmina, A. HaghbinInternational Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI)2014
6Optimum low complexity filter bank for generalized orthogonal frequency division multiplexingM. H. Abbaszadeh, B. H. Khalaj, A. HaghbinEURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and NetworkingJan. 2018
7Error performance analysis for generalized orthogonal frequency division multiplexingM. H. Abbaszadeh, B. H. Khalaj, A. HaghbinComputers and Electrical EngineeringJuly 2017
8Low Complexity SLM-Based PTS PAPR Reduction Scheme for OFDMA Uplink SystemsH. Jahanpanah, A. HaghbinInternational Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI)2015
9A Self Training Approach to Automatic Modulation Classification Based on Semi-supervised Online Passive Aggressive AlgorithmH. Hosseinzadeh, F. Razzazi, A. HaghbinWireless Personal Communications, springer2015
10An Improved UTD Based Model for the Multiple Building Diffraction of Plane Waves in Urban Environments by Using Higher Order Diffraction CoefficientsA. Tajvidy, M. Pourmina, M. Naser-Moghadasi, A. HaghbinWireless Personal CommunicationsApril 2013
11A New Multiple-Input–Multiple-Output Uniform Theory of Diffraction Based Channel Model for Multiple Building Diffraction in Urban EnvironmentsA. Tajvidy, A. Haghbin, M. A. Pourmina, R. A. SadeghzadehElectromagneticsOct. 2014
12Precoding in downlink multi-carrier code division multiple access systems using expectation maximisation algorithmA. Haghbin, P. AzmiIET CommNov. 2008
13Performance analysis of the combination of LDPC and space-time codes on multi-carrier CDMA systems over fading channelsA. Haghbin, M. Shiva and S. H. JamaliIEE CommAug. 2006
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