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1Sol-Gel Synthesis, characterization and In Vitro evaluation of SiO2−CaO−P2O5 bioactive glass nanoparticles with various CaO/P2O5 RationSeyed Mohammad Ahmadi, Aliasghar Behnamghadghader, Azade AsefnejadDigest Journal of Nanomaterials and BiostructuresSeptember 2017
2Synthesis of 58 SiO2 -38 CaO- 4 P2O5 bioactive glass nanopowder for use in bone defects repairSeyed Mohammad Ahmadi, Aliasghar Behnamghadghader, Azade AsefnejadJournal of current research in scince2016
3Evaluation of hMSCs response to sodium alginate / bioactive glass composite paste: effect of CaO/P2O5, sodium alginate concentration and P/L ratiosSeyed Mohammad Ahmadi, Aliasghar Behnamghadghader, Azade AsefnejadCurrent stem cell research and therapy2016
4Knowledge Discovery by Decision Tree to Model the Rate of Drug Release from Matrix SubstratesParastoo Namdarian, Azadeh Asefnejad, Fardad FarokhiInternational Journal of Computer Applications2016
5The relationship between cellular adhesion and surface roughness in polystyrene modified by microwave plasma radiationEsmaeil Biazar, Majid Heidari, Azadeh Asefnezhad, Naser MontazeriInternational Journal of Nanomedicine2016
6Polyurethane/fluor-hydroxyapatite nanocomposite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering. Part I: morphological, physical, and mechanical characterizationAzadeh Asefnejad, Aliasghar Behnamghader, Mohammad Taghi KhorasaniInternational Journal of Nanomedicine2011:6
7Manufacturing of biodegradable polyurethane scaffolds based on polycaprolactone using phase separation method: 1- physical properties and in-vitro assayAzadeh Asefnejad, Mohammad Taghi Khorasani, Aliasghar BehnamghaderInternational Journal of Nanomedicine2011:6
8The relationship between cellular adhesion and surface roughness for polyurethane modified by microwave plasma radiationSaeed Heidari Keshel, S Neda Kh Azhdadi, Azadeh Asefnezhad, Mohammad Sadraeian, Mohamad MontazeriInternational Journal of Nanomedicine2011
9Fabrication of Coated-Collagen Electrospun PHBV Nanofiber Film by PlasmaMethod and Its Cellular StudyJafar Ai, Saeed Heidari K, Fatemeh Ghorbani, Fahimeh Ejazi, Esmaeil Biazar,Azadeh AsefnejadJournal of Nanomaterials2011
10Design of Smart Surface by Nanometric Grafting of NIPAAm with Benzophenone Initiator under UV RadiationEsmaeil Biazar, Hossein mohammadi, Azadeh AsefnejadOriental journal of chemistry2011
11The effect of acetaminophen nanoparticles on liver toxicity in a rat modelEsmaeil Biazar, S Mahdi Rezayat, Naser Montazeri, Khalil Pourshamsian, Reza Zeinali, Azadeh AsefnejadInternational Journal of Nanomedicine2010
12Cell engineering: nanometric grafting of Poly-Nisopropylacrylamide onto polystyrene film by different doses of gamma radiationEsmaeil Biazar, Reza Zeinali, Naser Montazeri, Khalil Pourshamsian, Mahmoud Jabarvand Behrouz, Azadeh AsefnejadInternational Journal of Nanomedicine2010
13Effect of the mechanical activation on size reduction of crystalline acetaminophen drug particlesEsmaeil Biazar, Ali Beitollahi, S Mehdi Rezayat, Tahmineh Forati, Azadeh AsefnejadInternational Journal of Nanomedicine2009
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