Rock mass structural characterization via short-range digital hotogrammetry

نویسندگانMohammad Masoud Samieinejad- Navid Hosseini Alaee- Kaveh Ahangari
ارائه به نام دانشگاهDepartment of Mining Engineering, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
شماره صفحات39-44
شماره سریال27
نوع مقالهFull Paper
تاریخ انتشار2018-02-20
رتبه نشریهISI
نوع نشریهچاپی
کشور محل چاپایران
چکیده مقاله<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="2" dir="ltr" width="98%"> <tbody> <tr> <td colspan="2" id="abs_en" style="text-align: justify;">Because of the important role of rock mass structural properties on its mechanical behavior, determining the qualitative and quantitative properties of has been a subject of intense research. In this regard, numerous techniques such as scanline surveying, cell mapping, and geologic structure mapping have been proposed. However, applying such field surveying techniques for rock mass properties involves spending substantial costs and times and high risks. Besides, due to the errors induced by operations, measurements, systematic errors, etc., the results of these techniques are not accurate and precise enough. Short-range digital photogrammetry is an state-of-art technique applied for surveying rock mass characteristics. Through this novel approach, rock mass surface is imaged, the obtained images are analyzed, and rock mass characteristics are determined, and finally, the technique is validated by comparing the obtained results with field surveys. In the present work, two digital photogrammetry based methods including digital image processing and laser-based imaging are implemented in rock mass characterization. The results show that short-range digital photogrammetry can be effectively employed in rock mass structure characterization. Moreover, this approach, unlike the existing traditional ones, involves low costs, high speed, and sufficiently accurate and precise results.</td> </tr> <tr> </tr> </tbody> </table>

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tags: Rock mass; Structural characteristics; Short-range digital photogrammetry; Digital Image Processing; Laser imaging